Istitute Montessori Pozzuoli

Our school “ Montessori Institute Pozzuoli “ by Green Garden is a Bilingual Schoolwith a trilingual project (Italian, English, Spanish) located in Via Montenuovo, Licola patria 105d, La Schiana place, adjacent area of Pozzuoli and is linked to the city centre by public transports that allow easy connections to the highways.
This area has many sport facilities, both public and private, and health services such as the Hospital “Santa Maria delle Grazie” located near the school. Considered as the reference point of the citizen educational context, our school works full time, an experience began in the early ‘80s that has been evolving and consolidating over time. Children attending our school are divided in:

Spring section until 3 years old.
• Kindergarden from 3 to 6 years old.
• Primary school from 5 to 10 years old.

The school is open from monday to friday, from 8 am to 6 pm, with various exit timing, according to the families’ needs, with a break from 1 to 2 pm, dedicated to the refectory and relaxing activities.
The entrance can be also anticipated at 7.45 pm on demand. The school works from september to july, and during july we realize the SUMMER CAMP, full of games and outdoor activities..

The room of the school are bright, spacious and equipped to perform a lot of activities useful to make the environment lively and reassuring where children find appropriate stimuli to develop creative and intellectual capacities and all they need to make their educational path reassuring, peaceful and joyful.

The school offers spacious classrooms, some dedicated to rest; there are also a multimedia classroom, a library, a cineforum, a dining room, refectory, a multipurpose sport field and a large outdoor area equipped with garden games, inflatable games and a pic-nic area for the warmest period of the year. .

The school offers various services such as baby-parking, large rooms for parties, after-school programs for elementary and middle level, english and informatics certificated courses, theater courses, refectory and school transport.

Antonella Sammarco

School principal