Our philosophy...

Why the “Montessori method” is applied in our school?

Because... we think that the “Montessori method” motivates and develops children potentiality.

Because... children have a flame inside that naturally leads them to learn and we think that schools which use that method feed that flame through a personalized, collaborative, stimulating and joyful learning.

Because... we encourage the critical thought instead of a passive one, as well as the innovation instead of conformism.

Because... in a school based on the “Montessori method” learning is based on experience and this experience shows and proves, validates and denies, certifies and testifies, creates awareness and builds character.

Because... in a school based on the “Montessori method” the time and the way of learning are the time and the way the child learns.

Because... we think that it is possible to educate to freedom only in freedom, to educate to autonomy and responsibility only through practicing autonomy and responsibility.

Because... we think that the “Montessori method” is the best way to come at the indipendence, responsibility, self-discipline, ability to direct, spirit of initiative and a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

Because... we are well aware that is necessary a deep renewal of the way of doing school in order to live up daily challenges and transformations.